Modules Tech Pic-Bois Inc. Guarantee for a period of one year from date of delivery. The guarantee is exercised by Modules Tech Pic-Bois Inc. This guarantee only applies to defective products. If, during the course of this guarantee, the gazebo, sun shelter or patio table is defective because of a material or manufacturing defect, Modules Tech Pic-Bois will proceed to repair the product in question. This guarantee does not imply the integral replacement of the product, but ensures the replacement or the repair of those parts which are defective. The steel roof is guaranteed for a period of fifteen (15) years from the date of delivery. The guarantee applies only to the original buyer, to the same name and to the same address of residence stated on the invoice and must be accompanied by a proof of purchase.


We recommend that you always remove snow with the help of a snow brush. Never use a metal or plastic shovel to remove snow or ice. Given the extreme variations in temperature that we have experienced over the past few years, including UV rays, we also recommend that you refresh your gazebo, sun shelter or patio table every three years.
The guarantee does not cover any of the following points
The deterioration or appearance of defects resulting from inadequate use or handling of the product in the following manners or using the following elements:

  1. Inadequate handling.
  2. Overuse of chemical products (no window washing products on acrylic).
  3. Physical, aesthetic, or superficial modification of the product.
  4. Noncompliant installation by persons other than those authorized by the manufacturer.
  5. Damage caused by animals, insect, fire, vandalism and/or other uses other than normal use.
  6. The guarantee is non transferable from one client to another.
  7. The guarantee covers the product according to regular use and normal temperatures.


There exists no other guarantee beyond that which is described in the present document. No other guarantee, either implicit or explicit, oral or written, applies relative to Modules Tech Pic-Bois Inc. products. Modules Tech Pic-Bois Inc. assumes no obligation or responsibility regarding its products.




  1. Never climb on top of roof in order to install skylight.
  2. If you need to open the doors or windows, do so delicately.
  3. Modules Tech Pic-Bois Inc. is not responsible in the case of injuries, death or damages caused by violent winds, hail or resulting from misuse of the product.